At Ayayni House, all projects are sown with the same thread, and this thread is the desire for all of humanity to awaken their innate wisdom and authenticity. We believe that this is what we came into this material experience for, and yet everything we have been fighting against our whole lives, and it must therefore be time to surrender! When we surrender to the truth in ourselves, the path immediately appears before us, the only one that leads to our authentic selves. 

Everything we do at Ayayni is an invitation, an opportunity to discover one's path to self-empowerment through emotion. From here, we become everything that we came here to be, everything that we already are.  We sincerely desire to continue to share this message and support people who want the same, and we have created a place to do this. Ayayni House is this place, one where you can come home to yourself and discover all that you have to offer, both to yourself and the world. We are in the centre of Ireland, a perfect place to offer an environment to find your centre. It is a place to unravel the mystery of your own existence and to honour it.  

Everyone at Ayayni House shares a deep devotion to what we call a conscious emotional process which means taking responsibility for everything that we see unfolding before our eyes because we chose all of it; we create all of it. The more we choose the conscious path, the more evidence we find to justify staying on it, and we begin to see everything with such clarity.  More and more, we begin to embrace all aspects of our reality, and we find joy and freedom in all that we see, hear, speak and feel. We take ultimate responsibility for all of it and begin living the life we all came here to live… There is nothing else!

Once you have made the sincere decision to join us, what begins is a journey of self-discovery to end all confusion and suffering by experiencing authentic emotion. Whether you are looking for one of our shamanic retreats, an individual session, or you are looking to join our Bioshamanism course, you will find this same intention throughout, one of self-empowerment through authentic emotional movement. 

This is Ayayni House, WELCOME HOME.

Ayayni House is a place to unravel the mystery of your own existence.