Ayayni commenced in 2019 after Joanna decided it was time to share everything that she had learnt from the depths of her own emotional experience. At that time she had already spent five years journeying with her emotions and everything she had brought into adulthood from her childhood experiences. All of the programming that had governed her life was her tool for finding emotional freedom. Deep honesty with oneself is what she has been encouraging in others ever since, and this is the space she has been holding in the monthly shamanic retreats of Ayayni.

During this time, Joanna has also been delving into the truth of what our bodies are communicating to us through our physical symptoms and the specific messages that come through in order to release not only our childhood pain but that of our ancestors. This line of work is called Emotional Biodecoding and for her, discovering this within herself and then witnessing others discover their own truth through applying this knowledge has given her great enthusiasm and a need to continue to share it.

In order to give rise to this desire, it became necessary to create a new platform and Ayayni has morphed into more than a retreat centre, it has become a space where people come to discover consciousness within themselves. Bioshamanism is how we package the teachings that the people of Ireland resonate with so strongly, as it encompasses everything that shamanism is. It is also everything that Ayayni has been about since the beginning, which is to do what we came to this earth to do, to awaken in ourselves through our pain and the wisdom of our ancestors.

She needed to put this message, in its many different forms, under the same roof and bring people home, so she decided to call it Ayayni House. Here we offer weekend retreats, trips to the jungle, workshops and the new school of Bioshamanism.

The school at Ayayni House has recently been birthed and aims to become a recognised school within Ireland, and perhaps internationally, in the coming years. After the first two years of Bioshamanism and witnessing the progress of the students, there is no reason to think otherwise.
It is a school for anyone who sincerely desires to evolve to a new way of being, the way that was intended before we came. It is a school with great intention, and we really hope that you will join us as we move into a new consciousness.

My most heartfelt desire for all of humanity is that we all become emotional beings because when we do this, there is nothing to fear and nothing we cannot do.

A Journey Into your Authentic Self...

For those who want to embark on this journey, responsibility, courage and trust are a must. Now this may sound difficult to some, but courage is merely a quality that flourishes and it flourishes in the moment that you decide to be responsible for your process and trust just unfolds intrinsically within that decision.  

When you allow the trust to blossom in your heart, magnificent, colourful miracles manifest before your eyes, your own innate goodness vibrates from your core and you become fully aware that you are innocent and that you belong. Own this feeling because this is who you are.

This is the journey into authenticity, but in a conscious process,there is no bypass around feelings of desperation and loneliness, aspects of ourselves that we must face at some point in our lives. In fact, the decision to make this journey is ultimately born from this space, when life presents you the humility to face and expose yourself utterly. If you welcome this humility, you will discover your salvation, your own authentic being.

When you live your life with authenticity, you are living the miracle that you came here to live. I invite you on this journey, and I invite you to own who you truly are.

Joanna Shilson