Ayayni House is a place to return to your innate shamanic nature, a space to return home to yourself and your emotions.

Every month we hold our Shamanic Retreats in Ireland, which we have been doing since 2019, and they tend to book out quite quickly. We also hold a 12-month training course called Bioshamanism, and we are now coming into our third year of this incredible opportunity to open up to a new way of being. Apart from these two activities in Ireland, we also hold Jungle Retreats for those people who want to experience the work with the Shamans of different indigenous tribes.

Whether you want to come to one of our retreats, begin your Emotional Biodecoding process with one of our facilitators or become one of the next Bioshamans, you will always be encouraged to return to your raw emotional state. Our intention at Ayayni House is to give authentic emotional movement to our lives and support others in doing the same, and all the activities we hold throughout the year are created with that purpose in mind.