Bioshamanism is a learning experience incorporating ancient shamanic knowledge with what we know today about Emotional Biodecoding, systemic therapy and symbolism. The medicine we bring to you is the knowledge and awakening of your unique wisdom so that you can begin to create a new path consciously. We do this by decoding not only physical symptoms but also by becoming aware of and interpreting everything that is happening in our own experience and everything that happened in our ancestor's life experiences.  

Bioshamanism is an all-encompassing approach to the real meaning behind our existence. It is a project born from a deep desire to share everything required for people to awaken the shaman within all of us. Rather than offering a learning course, we are offering an opening, an opening into the world of shamanism, ritual, Emotional Biodecoding and conscious creation. We offer this opportunity to anyone who wants to remember why they came. 

The root word Bio is derived from the Greek language and means life, and gives rise primarily to words from the realm of the 'life' sciences, and any study on how matter affects life or a living organism has this word at its root to describe that study. For example, biology is the study of living organisms and the logic of their existence. As living organisms' humans also have a logical purpose at their core, and Bioshamanism is how we discover this purpose.  

If you consider that every trace mineral in our bodies also exists in the earth below our feet, we can quickly conclude that we are simply a manifestation of the earth. All matter is alive or a part of life; if all matter contains energy, then it is logical to assume that it also has spirit. If we are all of this, there is no need to look for anything outside ourselves. This understanding is at the basis of our very existence, and this is the wisdom that underlies shamanism.

All ancestors have unhealed memories from war, epidemics, childbirth trauma, territory invasion, incest and premature death. In the planes where neither time nor space exists, our ancestors are present with us, speaking to us and asking for our assistance in returning these trapped energies to a state of comprehension and compassion. During the 12 months that we are together, we will use many theoretic methods and energetic experiences to integrate this truth into our lives. We will discover which of our ancestors we have affinities with and what these affinities are asking us to heal and recover in this lifetime. For this is, after all what we came here to do.

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