During our life experience, we often find ourselves tripping over the same stone repeatedly, whether that situation is unfulfilling relationships, never having enough money or always being in conflict with our boss. Some people have the same health issues over and over, whilst others seem to be reasonably healthy. We wonder why we encounter these obstacles and why others seem to have completely different ones from ours. We wonder what the purpose is and, more importantly, what our purpose is meant to be. 

Emotional Biodecoding gives you a logical response to these questions every time. Whether your symptom is physical or you are having trouble attaining something in your life, the Emotional Biodecoding sessions will show you a specific thread that goes back into childhood experiences to those in the womb and those lived by your various ancestors. All of it is logical, and you will experience joy in this logic every time.

The origins of this work began with Dr Hamer, who discovered that an emotional bio-shock causes every bodily symptom. How these shocks affect our physical systems and organs is directly related to how these emotions are felt in each individual. For example, two individuals could experience a similar emotional shock. Still, one could experience it as an attack on their integrity, whereas the other could experience it as a lack of protection. The emotional response of each individual determines how the physical symptom would express itself. Furthermore, how each individual experiences the situation depends very much on what has happened in the history of their clan.

I finally had to ask myself whether our understanding and concept of disease had not been entirely wrong because of our ignorance of the biological purpose of disease.

Survival was the primary concern for our ancestors if not their only concern. The pain they could not express during their lifetime due to their circumstances remains unfelt and locked in our family unconscious. In the different planes of existence, the concept of time does not exist beyond the physical realm. If we can grasp this reality, we can easily recognise that our ancestors are in and around us every moment. When we come into this physical reality, our intention is to unlock their relevant emotions for them. As we go through this physical life, we forget this intention, so we begin creating physical symptoms and unpleasant life experiences to remind us of what we came here to do. When you access these planes of existence to heal a specific symptom or issue, you liberate the collective pain of the clan and dissipate your current discomfort. In these individual sessions, your facilitator will guide you to your ancestors so that you can experience and release their emotions related to specific experiences or trauma.

All practitioners listed below have completed and are certified in Bioshamanism by Ayayni House. They are all available to support you in their unique ways, with the knowledge and in coherence with the principles of Emotional Biodecoding and the shamanic wisdom they learnt during the course.