Shamanic Retreats

The Shamans of the Andean cultures believe that for life to perpetuate, it is necessary for the emergence of a new human, a new way of being and a return to our natural state. In coherence with this belief, we invite those who come to our retreats to step into this new way of being by releasing all conditions and limitations that separate us from our authentic selves, our truth, our essence, and our child-like innocence. We want people to experience all of this without fear of judgment and knowing that the expression of their inner self is perfect. At Ayayni, we believe that returning to this natural state that the Andean wisdom refers to is to connect to our true selves through our emotions. Supporting people who are willing to connect with all of their emotions during our retreats is what we most love to do.

Our intention is for participants to open up to their deepest pain in a loving environment where they can heal the past and the present and pave the way for the newly empowered being to step into the future. This is what we call the shamanism of the new consciousness, giving authentic movement to our emotions without needing anything or anyone outside of ourselves.

Joanna chose the name Ayayni for her retreats because she resonated strongly with the Andean cosmovision, in which Ayni is a word they use to describe their fundamental way of life, which is to live in the essence of exchange. As such, this exchange is essential at Ayayni, where the most important medicine is reciprocity with ourselves and mother nature. When we engage in this act, Mother Nature, the greatest being of all, returns the shamanic wisdom to us in keeping with the essence of Ayni. In this exchange, we are all simultaneously contributing to humanity's expansion.

We hold these monthly retreats at Ayayni House in Ireland, and you can check the dates on our calendar. The different ways that we work during our retreats is explained in more detail in our brochure, which you can receive by sending a WhatsApp:

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