From Our Students...

It’s hard to put into words how incredible and transformational this course was. Thank you for creating this Jo and everyone else who was a part of a very special year.

Sara Lilac
October 2022

Such a fulfilling course. I’m so grateful to have done it. All the feelings and a safe space to feel them in. Thank you Jo!

Tanya Ross
August 2022

I'm not afraid to say that this course was life changing experience. Lots of valuable knowledge. Thank you Ayayni House for letting be a part of this beautiful experience.

Jolanta Palczynska
April 2022

The most incredible, beautiful, painful, angry, powerful and fun year. I’m finally starting to know myself. This course will be the best money you ever spend.

Jo has created an amazing and considered course that will teach you the tools to hold space for everything you experience and feel for yourself, your ancestors and everyone around you for the rest of your life. Do it.

Abigail Mounteney
June 2023

The most incredible transformational experience of my life.

Lyndsay Donnelly
September 2022

I have found this course to be so challenging and so rewarding at the same time. My intention with this course was to do this for my own benefit, for me. It has been such a privilege to immerse myself every month in the expert hands of Jo and the Ayayni team and learn, experience, release, question, heal and grow

I thoroughly recommend this course.

Liam Donoghue
April 2023

The Bioshamanism course at Ayayni is an experience unlike any other. Not only are you learning powerful tools of emotional and psychological change, you are also taken on a transformative healing journey which will ultimately change your life. This course is not for the faint of heart but it is for the brave of heart. It will trigger every wound you have and unearth everything you have tried to keep hidden. However, in these deep states of raw vulnerability, your experience is held so beautifully in space by your tutors and classmates, it will feel so good to surrender. You are encouraged to be responsible for all of your creations and to feel into your experiences so that you can transcend them.

This course provides a soul level experience of healing that is just not found in typical healing or educational environments. It teaches you how to master your own emotional landscape whilst being a master at holding space for others on the same journey. The weekends are filled with laughter, tears, screams, hugs and transcended feelings that last a life time. It is without doubt, one of the best things I have ever done for myself, those around me and the legacies of my ancestors.

Caitríona Moran
May 2023

From Our Participants...

What an absolutely spectacular retreat!! I am feeling so blessed to have reconnected with the team, the medicine and with myself. However, the real work begins when we get home and Ayayni's on-going support helps immensely with this.

Daniel O Brian
April 2024

My Ayayni retreat was a life changing and overwhelmingly positive experience. Jo and the team took exceptional care of me and it’s been amazing to kickstart my healing journey with them and all the other beautiful souls who I met at the retreat. Thanks to all for making it so special.

Kevin Collins
February 2024

I feel like I have been welcomed to my new reality after the retreat. I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it.

Kevin Mealey
February 2024

I have just returned from another magnificent retreat with the incredible Ayayni team. An extraordinary experience with some beautiful people. Having first encountered Ayayni during an incredibly dark and destructive period, I can honestly say they have changed, and most probably saved, my life!

Much love to you all!!!

Joe Merideth
February 2024

If you are ready to take responsibility for the healing you deserve then Ayayni is for you. Life changing and transformative beyond what I could ever have imagined. Feeling is healing.

My darkness is shining... thanks to Jo & the crew!

Kevin Barry
February 2024

Thank you all so very much amazing facilitators . I can’t put into words how highly I recommend Ayayni. A beautiful profound experience with beautiful people in a stunning location. what an experience!

Josephine O reardon
October 2023

Where do I even start. I was drawn to Ayayni and found myself there in July and It’s taken me until now to feel ready to share my experience. It was beyond my wildest thoughts or expectations.. for someone who’s daily mantra is “my only expectation of today is no expectations” that’s exactly what I thought I went there with .. no expectations… but that’s just nonsense .. I expected healing, surrendering, learning, growing, revealing, self compassion, .. the whole heap!

And boy did these guys deliver .. I left with so much more and to be honest don’t know if I’ll ever have the words to express what I saw, felt, heard or even tasted! (Food is amazing too) but just knew I wanted to write something. My life has changed in ways that are not yet even visible, to myself or others, but I know above all I now have greater personal insight

Vivian McKinnon
August 2023

I am so deeply grateful to have experienced a retreat with Ayayni. I can’t thank the team enough for facilitating such a loving and compassionate environment where I could allow myself to be at my most vulnerable whilst still feeling completely safe and understood. The experience was truly life changing and I look forward to continuing my journey to healing and power in future Ayayni retreats. The whole weekend was truly magical!

Rachel O Conner
July 2022

From the facilitators, to the services and the people! Just perfect.

Paul Lengher
July 2022

What an experience. I honestly feel blessed to be able to get together and share the beautiful space provided at this retreat. All of the Shamanic facilitators were so helpful and caring towards us. The love and compassion shared in the ceremony room and throughout the whole retreat was heart filling. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to get deep into my emotions and connect with myself on a level I've never imagined possible. I really got a chance to see what goes on behind the reflection in the mirror & it was Epic! thanks to everyone for making this possible. Highly recommended!

Nicole Lyons
July 2022

The Ayayni team are so incredible at providing a safe inclusive environment which is so conducive to the whole process. I’ve laughed, cried, purged, loved, screamed and realised so much over this past weekend. Felt so supported through the weekend, I can’t wait to connect with these beautiful people again.

Joanne O Hara
April 2021

The retreat is a beautiful and deep experience with like-minded people as well as being wonderfully held in a beautiful location with an experienced team. The integration with Jo and the team offer a practical advice and invite you with a more empowering and present way of living and the observations are raw, provocative and always honest.

I would recommend Ayayni , as they provide a safe and nurturing environment as you take your unique journey of healing and insights.

Thomas Barry Hopkins
March 2021

What a fantastic retreat! The team go over and above to welcome and support everyone. The location and food are superb. I got a lot more from the experience than I wished for and met some wonderful people - thank you for an amazing journey.

Martin Rice
February 2021

An incredible healing weekend with some amazing human beings! All of the facilitators are helpful, friendly, and caring, and really help you to integrate the experience each day. The group setting is really powerful as you meet lots of new people and share your experiences. Overall humbling and honoured to have gone. Thank you!

Daniel Murray
December 2021

There is not a ratings system in place that would do Ayayni justice. The energy throughout the four days was truly magical. From the moment of arrival, guests are treated with love, honesty and truth. The team are incredibly open and supportive, each bringing their own special gifts to the otherworldly proceedings. There is a deep respect and understanding amongst the facilitators for each and every process, each and every individual.

There is humor, there is sadness, there is trauma, grief, reflection and empathy. The scale of emotions experienced throughout the retreat is nothing short of spellbinding. Each emotion accepted, nurtured and facilitated by the fantastic team. 

Breakfast and lunch each day is made with love (by the team) and with the freshest ingredients you could wish for. The communal meals are at a huge round wooden table beside the kitchen, where conversation flows and silence is present.

The all-important integrations each morning are without doubt the best I have ever experienced. If you are open and willing to work on yourself and listen to others, Ayayni will give you a glimpse into what is achievable... if you hold the mirror up and honestly look at your reflection, and that of others. 

The breath-work and fire ceremony are both invigorating and reflective, allowing each person a chance to open wide before the beginning of ceremony.

Every participant is naturally guided toward their healing path, and by the time the end arrives, there is not one who is leaving without a more intuitive understanding of their self. If you are looking for a place without judgement; a place to connect with yourself and others. If you are open to the possibility of change and the often difficult path that leads to it, I highly recommend Ayayni, a unique and extraordinary experience.

Mark Devine
May 2021

It feels like I’ve found Ayayni at the perfect time. It's wonderful to find a place and people where you feel really understood and safe to explore aspects of yourself. Although I’ve only dipped my toes into self-exploration I feel like I’ve finally found some direction and coming from a chaotic background that’s huge.

The team is really wonderful and helpful. You can tell they have your emotional well-being in mind. The retreat is very well organised from first communication to extensive informational brochure to post-process integration.

The site is breath-taking and magical and adds to the experience. I can’t wait to continue my journey and I’ll be back as soon as I feel a call again. Thank you to the team and the Ayayni family!

Susie Partyka
July 2021

Words cant describe how amazing this retreat is, they just don’t! It's like taking a photograph on an old phone to show someone how beautiful the full moon was. This retreat was extremely impactful on my life, and also my family and friends have benefited from it as I've come back from it much more of a friend and family member to those around me.

The team were fantastic and the venue is gorgeous and surrounded by lovely big mature trees.

One of the best experiences of my life!

Darragh Close
July 2021

What do I even say? How is it even possible to have all your repressed crap spread out before you and dealt with, and still have a beautiful weekend full of love and support and friendship. I cannot tell you how adept the team are helping you integrate the lessons. The love is so evident, although sometimes it’s tough-love and sometimes it’s gentle, but its always exactly what you need. You can face anything in that envelope-of-love even the things you hide from yourself.

I’m not the same person I was before I went. I’m more ME than I thought I could be. Even the kids of my estate have mentioned that I’m different, and I dress better! Ayayni is a safe place to be your true self. Just go, just do it, don’t wait for friends to agree to come with you...just go, you will be loved, and cared for. All this in a beautiful environment, with gorgeous hearts, and fantastic music.

Margaret Cullagh
May 2021

Beautiful people, beautiful place and totally changed my outlook on life. I feel like I've made friends for life and am looking forward to going back. ​

Herbie Traynor
May 2021

Just back from this beautiful healing space. Still in its energy and I can’t thank these people and this space enough. Until my return blessing to all who live work and visit this beautiful place.

David Emery
May 2021

There is no way to describe how humbling, loving and life changing an experience it was. From the facilitators loving energy and sharp intuitions, to the structure, group therapy and beautiful settings plus the fantastic people I made there has made for a weekend I will never forget.

The level of therapeutic work done in one weekend is nothing short of amazing. I cannot recommend it any higher.

Adam Tahraoui
June 2020

Genuinely the best experience I’ve had. Being able to open up in a warm felt non-judgemental space was so refreshing. Any nervousness & scepticism about the retreat was squashed within the first night. I felt the Ayayni team to be super approachable and they made me feel comfortable.

Food was amazing! I felt I got what I was looking for from the retreat & more! I thought I’d hide away in a corner for the whole thing but the group energy & spirit wouldn’t let it happen.
I’d definitely return.

Tom Staerke
March 2020

The experience provided here is absolutely loving and life changing. The grounds are beautiful, the facilitators are genuinely caring every step of the way, the food is excellent. In a way, I revived exactly what I was searching for within myself, only more so.

The beauty and love I found within myself was largely due to the space provided by this group of people, and I am truly thankful to have visited.

Robern Burns
March 2020

I can't recommend Ayayni enough. I had an amazing and enlightening weekend and this would not have been made possible without the love and guidance from Jo, Marion and all of the team! The retreat is set in a beautiful location and not only nutritious but delicious food is provided. Thank you!

Sinéad Ní Flannabhra
February 2020

It is hard to express in words the experience with the team and love and connection I felt during the retreat. Each member of the team is like the embodiment of love, care, wisdom and dedication to the spiritual path. Amazing people and the best thing I could do for my inner journey. The best thing is that the journey only begins when retreat finishes. Amazing!

Jelena Milatović
February 2020

Amazing weekend held by beautiful people who guide you on a healing and insightful journey. Brilliant location with great food and facilities.

Niamh Dooley
October 2019

I am so grateful for the weekend that I experienced with Ayayni, it has been the most transforming weekend of my life and I will continue on this path. I am so grateful for the team at Ayayni.
Words cannot even describe what I feel and I am so happy to have been a part of that. I´m heading Colombia with everyone in a few days and I am so excited to see where this takes me so much love for everyone!

Arturs Valentine
October 2019

Masters of their craft! The team of facilitators have a great understanding of what people are going through whilst on the retreat and really know how to look after you through your own process. I felt safe and free to express myself.

The biggest part was the integration sessions that we participated in daily to understand ourselves. Jo really knows how to get to the core of your own ego to help with the integration process. It was lovely being part of a group where everyone had their own personal transformation. Again I would like to thank everyone who was there in Ireland. The setting for the retreat was outstanding, beautiful and perfect. Absolutely amazing time discovering myself and connecting to my spirit animals. I Will be back again

Paul Newman
December 2019

If you have ever felt that something is missing or life could be better, then step into this beautiful space, trust, and be supported as you discover the true wonderful being that you are
I am forever and wholeheartedly grateful to wise Jo and these absolutely incredibly loving, nurturing and caring guides.

All the layers are gently being released and I'm now awake in my true nature . The invitation is for everyone to turn the page. Thank you and see ye for the next chapter

Maeve Carey
December 2019

Amazing experience, fantastic team and wonderful Olimpia’s angel’s voice. It was a really intense process which helped me a lot. Thank you all and see you again!

Piotr Zając
November 2019

I can't find the words to explain the most profound and incredible experience I had at this retreat.
It was mind blowing and transformative for me and I do believe for some others too., as I could see some changes in our group. The Ayani team was very supportive and care about everyone in their own process during the ceremony.

They were absolutely professional amazing loving people.

Anna Oleynik
November 2019

Words can’t explain the most amazing life changing experiences I had at this retreat, and all in one weekend! Jo and all of the team were absolutely amazing, beautiful, kind and understanding people who brought a wonderful loving sharing environment. I felt this retreat has truly healed my soul in ways I never thought possible!

I also made so much wonderful Amazing friends in the process I feel as the journey is just beginning and it feels wonderful! I will be coming back for a retreat in the future most definitely. I love you guys thank you for everything

Brian Mojica Renehan
November 2019

The retreat with Ayayni was very powerful and beautiful. I felt very supported and safe. The team were brilliant and really care about every participant and their process.

I highly recommend this retreat to anyone id looking to come home to themselves.

Patricia Byrne
October 2019

If you are interested in taking part in an Ayayni retreat, but you are scared, cynical or worried that you won't be able to open, I promise that all these fears and doubts will be gone by the time you have a spent a weekend with Jo and her team. The true healing here is in connecting with other human beings in such a vulnerable and profound way. Being comforted, held, heard and seen by the Ayayni facilitators and the rest of the participants has been the most transformative experience of my life, and I am deeply grateful to everyone.

Ruby Radburn
October 2019

The retreat was a life changing for me and I can’t put in words how lovely and beautiful that was. This is the place that gives reminds you that there is a bright side of life and that we all can love and understand each other. Love this family so much and can't wait to come back again, I highly recommend to everyone to try this.

Julius Molcanovas
September 2019

Life changing, beautiful facilitators, beautiful setting, 100% trust I have for these people and what they do.

Netty O Brien
September 2019

I couldn’t recommend Jo and the team at Ayayni enough, I have just come back from the Ireland retreat this weekend gone and what can I say? I have had the most transformative beautiful experience and the space that Jo and her team created makes you feel very safe. There was so much warmth and great vibes all throughout. I discovered things about myself that I don’t think I would of ever known otherwise. I am very grateful and it is something that I will never forget. Thank you Jo and the team.

Alexander Phillip Hill
August 2019

A really great experience. It was so thorough and so in depth. Completely life changing. Jo and the team went out of their way and made me really feel at home in every way.

Jim Benskin
May 2019

Amazing amazing amazing experience! It was life-transformative and rocked me to the core. The team at Ayayni really took extra special care of all of us and created a beautiful space for us to have our process in. The grounds are beautiful and really help move the experience. I'll definitely be back soon and can't recommended enough.

Rob Iddon
June 2019

No words can adequately define the experience. There was no where to run and no where to hide.
It has been a severely humbling experience and the rich human healing tapestry of togetherness was just mind blowingly phenomenal.

Raymondo Jones
May 2019

I would highly recommend this retreat with Jo and the guys, I had such an amazing experience and I 100% will be doing more retreats with them!!

They are so professional and defiantly know their stuff. I felt very safe and looked after and the setting was so calm and peaceful. Two weeks since the retreat and I literally feel reborn, I feel so positive and calm it has helped me heal the parts of myself that still needed to be healed.
I’m so grateful to jo and her team for holding this retreat it has benefited me so much.

Clarie O Brien
March 2019

The best weekend I've ever had, spent with the most amazing people. Constant support throughout the process and I feel that I have met friends for life. I recommend Ayayni to anyone who is looking for clarity in their life or for anyone who just wants to have a really positive experience.
You'll leave your time there feeling motivated about life again and Joanna is always there for you before and after the experience, giving the support that you need. I believe that anyone who has met her will agree.

Aisling Shaughnessy
March 2019

It was an amazing experience, where I believe everyone got exactly what they needed. It was as personal as you needed and as communal as you wanted. Inspirational indeed!

Yana Jockes
March 2019